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Sarah Thompson, a Colorado resident experiencing chronic pain due to a qualifying medical condition, decides to explore obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card to explore alternative treatment options. This case study follows Sarah’s journey through the steps involved on how to get a med card in colorado.

Step 1: Eligibility Check:

Sarah begins her journey by researching the eligibility criteria for a Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado. She reviews the list of qualifying conditions and finds that chronic pain is indeed one of them. Encouraged by this discovery, she decides to proceed with the application process.

Step 2: Establishing Residency:

To ensure eligibility, Sarah gathers documents to establish her residency in Colorado. She collects her Colorado driver’s license and a utility bill in her name, demonstrating her legal residence in the state.

Step 3: Gathering Medical Records:

Sarah contacts her primary care physician to request relevant medical records outlining her chronic pain diagnosis and previous treatments. These records will serve as crucial documentation for her application.

Step 4: Physician Consultation:

Sarah schedules a consultation with a physician authorized to recommend medical marijuana. During the appointment, she discusses her medical history, current symptoms, and her interest in exploring medical marijuana as a potential treatment.

Step 5: Physician Certification:

Following a thorough examination, the physician determines that Sarah’s chronic pain qualifies her for a Medical Marijuana Card. The physician provides her with a signed Physician Certification Form, which outlines the approved use of medical marijuana for her condition.

Step 6: Registration with the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry (MMR):

Sarah creates an account on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry (MMR) online system. She completes the patient registration process, providing personal information, and uploads the Physician Certification Form and other required documents.

Step 7: Paying the Application Fee:

To complete the registration process, Sarah pays the required application fee. She reviews the fee structure, noting that Colorado offers reduced pricing for certain individuals. She completes the payment online through the MMR system.

Step 8: Receiving the Medical Marijuana Card:

Upon approval of her application, Sarah receives her Colorado Medical Marijuana Card by mail. The card allows her legal access to purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries in the state.


Sarah’s case exemplifies the step-by-step process of on how to get a med card in Colorado. By diligently following the outlined steps, she successfully navigated the application process, gaining access to a potential alternative treatment for her chronic pain. This case study illustrates the importance of eligibility checks, thorough documentation, and adherence to state regulations in obtaining a med card in Colorad