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The general perception that people tend to have about business cards and the like, even the ones that are made of something fancy like metal instead of basic paper related products, is that they are meant to be used for one purpose and one purpose alone: marketing your business. It’s true that a business card that doesn’t market your enterprise in at least some manner is not a very good one and you should likely scrap that idea before it even leaves the drawing board, but the truth of the situation is that that is no reason for you to restrict your business cards and all the other things that they can do for people.

If you are investing in Metal Business Kards, you might as well put a bit more effort into making them more functional in a lot of different ways.There is a pretty good chance that you have seen bottle openers and the like, and the fact of the matter is that they are almost always made out of metal. This is because of the fact that metal is the only material that is sturdy enough to pop a cap off of a bottle.

Hence, you can use the fact that your business cards are made out of metal to make it so that they can be used as bottle openers as well. It’s relatively simple for you to incorporate something like this into your design, and you will end up using less metal in the long run as well which can bring down costs pretty tremendously. This is a tactic that can add lots of value to your business cards and make them more unique.